Umbrella Companies

Serving Southeastern Massachusetts Since 1998

"...The Needs of Life are Our Business..."

JMLECS Since 1998

      JML Enterprising and Consultation Services was established in 1998 in New Bedford, MA.  JMLECS started out only specializing in Home Computers.


     After establishing a growing network of customers, customers were beginning to tell others of the services received, and the "Word of Mouth" phase of the company started.  People were beginning to ask for more and more services.  What other choice is there than to expand it's base.


"Excellence in Expertise"

became the motto, because as demand expanded, so did our services.  We began by offering CCTV for the Home, then Home Entertainment Integration, and then came the  "Home Automation Boom"  As more devices and services became available we began to offer them. We even offer Solar & Wind Electric Conversion spin your meter backwards!


     Today we offer literally Thousands of Services, leading to our next question...


 Today we design and implement the products that you need as you need them...

Things you didn't even know existed...

you'll need them when you know of them


We have now grown into an "Umbrella Company"

Prompting the NEW BRAND of

Umbrella Companies

--Great things to come--






























































































My goal is your happiness,



Jim Lackovich, Jr.