Umbrella Companies

Serving Southeastern Massachusetts Since 1998

"...The Needs of Life are Our Business..."

THE FUTURE:  Renewable Energy

At the

Umbrella Companies

We are committed to bringing America into the Future...




Is to see every single

Home, Business, and Industrial Operation using

Our Clean Green Technologies.


Our Abilities:

We are Artisans and Pioneers in

Geothermal Technologies

Hydrodynamic Systems

Wind Powered Electricity

Polycrystalline & Monocrystalline Solar Electricity

Solar Hot Water Heating


The Promise

Our systems will more than pay for themselves in time..


Your Electric Meter will Spin Backwards

the Solar Panels are Active even in Cloudy Weather

The Wind Turbines are Active in winds of

2 - 50MPH


You will save on Natural Gas with Solar Hot Water Heating

Geothermal Energy can also provide Electricity/Hot Water


Hydrodynamic Energy

Provides for Electrical and Mechanical Energies

a Single Small River can Provide for a Whole Community


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